Spotted Lake Kliluk

Eccentric Of The Places On The Planet You Might Have Never Heard Of

The ball full of water and rocks which we call our planet has never failed to surprise us. There some discoveries which have sent all of us into a frenzy. Read more »

A new study has shown that fishes can also count, a secret which helps them to survive in harsh conditions

Humans are considered one of the smartest of the animal kingdom, the fishes are considered least mentally provided. But, the new research has provided an idea that might change our views on... Read more »

Science behind finding small things cute and affectionate

There are a lot of studies which have been done on emotions such as anger, fear etc but only a few are conducted on why we find things “cute”. Read more »

Five Of The Weirdest Animals On Earth Which You Have Never Heard About

There are many creatures present in nature. As the saying goes “Nature is full of surprises”. There are many animals present in nature who are too cute to be cuddled, but there... Read more »
sea creature

Strange sea creature washes up on russian beach, making people wonder if it was a vague mammoth

This incident was first reported by Svetlana Dyadenko, who was the first person to witness the mysterious sea creature. Read more »
Snake's head cut, still snake dashed

Snake’s head cut, still snake dashed

A shocking case has emerged in Texas of America. Here a person got dashed from the snake’s head. In order to neutralize the venom of snake, the person has to give 26... Read more »
Animal Services of Huntsville Offer

Animal Services of Huntsville Offer Free Adoptions At Tax Week

Huntsville, Alabama- Tax alleviation of a exceptional kind is accessible, April 16, Monday through April 21, Saturday by Huntsville Alabama Animal services. Read more »

Landing interrupted by dog ​​on the run in Saskatoon

A dog caused a stir early Thursday morning on the tarmac at John G.Diefenbaker International Airport in Saskatoon. Shortly after 9:00 am, the pilot of an Air Canada flight had to go... Read more »

Strange Sea Creatures Spotted On Tofino Beach

Thousands of small blue and strange creatures called veil are stranded in greater numbers every year on the beaches of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Municipality Mayor... Read more »

Victoria port authority hopes fake tree will help with gull poop problem

The Victoria Harbor Authority is hoping a newly installed fake nest will attract a pair of bald eagles to help get rid of dozens of gulls that are defecating on the roof... Read more »