5.3 Earthquake Of Magnitude In Japan

5.3 Earthquake Of Magnitude In Japan

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake on Japan's Richter scale took place on Thursday in Japan. Due to the earthquake, no news of loss of any kind of life and property has been reported.... Read more »
Firing Took Place In California School, Suspected To Be Detained

Firing Took Place In California School, Suspected To Be Detained

An incident involving an unknown assailant was found in a high school in California where a young man was injured after he was shot. Read more »
Terrorist Attack In Syria

Terrorist Attack In Syria, 15 Injured In 30 Dead

Approx 15 people were killed and more than 30 people were injured in the bomb blasts and shelling of terrorists in the Syrian capital Dashmik. Read more »
Messenger_ Malware That Undermines Cryptocurrency

Messenger: Malware That Undermines Cryptocurrency

Trend Micro security researchers have uncovered a malware that spreads via messenger messaging to cryptocurrency silently. Read more »

Cryptocurrency: You Will Pay Less Taxes On “Small” Gains

This is news that should interest you if you have an electronic wallet of cryptocurrencies. The Council of State, France's highest public institution in terms of jurisdiction, has published a decision in... Read more »
Knife Attack In China

Knife Attack:Seven Students Stabbed To Death In China

An attacker killed seven students outside a school in Shaanxi province of China. 12 other students were injured in a knife attack, there are five students and two students in the dead. Read more »

Bitcoins: Towards A Much More Favourable Taxation

Indeed, the Council of State has just cancelled the tax instruction dedicated to virtual currencies dating from 2014 following an appeal filed by a law firm representing virtual currency holders. Read more »

Iran: Former Leader Raza Shah Mummified Body Found

A mummy has been found near Tehran in Iran's capital. It is being told that its 'greater likelihood' is that it can be the father of the last Shah of Iran. Read more »
Toronto attack

Toronto Attack: Van Collides with Pedestrians, 10 deaths and 15 injured

In Toronto city of Canada, a person hit the pedestrians with the van. In this incident, 10 people have died and 15 others have been injured. Read more »
Cambridge Analytica

Planned To Make Own Cryptocurrency By Cambridge Analytica

Behind the company huge data leak scandal of Facebook’s, Cambridge Analytica was planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, consistent with the New York Times. Read more »