skull comet

Skull Like Comet To Pass By Earth In November

Our universe holds a number of mysteries within itself. There are a lot of amazing things and concepts of the universe which are either can’t be explained or the explanation to them... Read more »
strange things in space

Things In The Space Which Really Can’t Be Explained

Researchers perform constant researches to explain various phenomena. They constantly try to solve the mysteries of the universe. Read more »
largest structure in universe

Largest Structure In The Universe Is So Gigantic That It Should Not Exist

This largest structure in the universe was found by the team of astronomers from the University of Central Lancashire. The large quasar group is the largest structure ever discovered in the universe.... Read more »
Strangest Things That People Do When They Have Anxiety

Strangest Things That People Do When They Have Anxiety

Anxiety is a general term given to various disorders which cause feelings of fear, worrying and nervousness. Read more »
Rocketbook wave smart notebook

A List Of Strangest Things Trending On Online Websites Which Are Too Practical

Online platforms have provided us with an easy to shop in the comfort of our homes. It has reduced the hassle of visiting crowded shopping malls and buy things. Read more »
nuclear pasta space

The Powerful Material in The Universe is ‘Nuclear Pasta’

A without a doubt weird form of be counted found in ultradense gadgets inclusive of neutron stars is looking like an awesome candidate for the most powerful material inside the Universe. Read more »
Cult of live Kumari Goddess in Nepal made of little girls

Few Strange Things Which People In Other Countries Find Normal

Every country is different and they follow different types of rules. There are laws which are different from country to country. There are a few things which people find doing normal in... Read more »

Weirdest Places In The World To Tie The Knot And Make The Wedding Memorable

Everyone in the world wants to make their wedding day memorable. There are a number of ways in which you can spend your special day. Read more »
Bermuda Triangle

Some Strange Facts About The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the “Devil’s Triangle” because of the mysterious occurrences that have happened around it and it is also believed that there is bad luck which surrounds... Read more »
LED Slippers

Weird But Amazing Inventions Which Were Created Out Of Boredom

There are many ideas which come to you when you are bored. There are many things which people invent out of boredom. Read more »