nuclear pasta space

The Powerful Material in The Universe is ‘Nuclear Pasta’

A without a doubt weird form of be counted found in ultradense gadgets inclusive of neutron stars is looking like an awesome candidate for the most powerful material inside the Universe. Read more »
Cult of live Kumari Goddess in Nepal made of little girls

Few Strange Things Which People In Other Countries Find Normal

Every country is different and they follow different types of rules. There are laws which are different from country to country. There are a few things which people find doing normal in... Read more »

Weirdest Places In The World To Tie The Knot And Make The Wedding Memorable

Everyone in the world wants to make their wedding day memorable. There are a number of ways in which you can spend your special day. Read more »
Bermuda Triangle

Some Strange Facts About The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the “Devil’s Triangle” because of the mysterious occurrences that have happened around it and it is also believed that there is bad luck which surrounds... Read more »
LED Slippers

Weird But Amazing Inventions Which Were Created Out Of Boredom

There are many ideas which come to you when you are bored. There are many things which people invent out of boredom. Read more »

Weirdest Nail Trend Ever – Instagram Slammed The Nail Salon

There are a lot of weird fashion trends which are being introduced. It is no shock for anyone these days to see bizarre things happening in the name of fashion and trend. Read more »
Infinity Blanket

The Infinity Blanket Which Is Going To Help You To Have Relaxed Sleep Like Never Before

The infinity blanket is clinically proven to provide you with a relaxed sleep like never before. The blanket is made with a “smart” blanket technology, which has enhanced comforters which will... Read more »

Science behind finding small things cute and affectionate

There are a lot of studies which have been done on emotions such as anger, fear etc but only a few are conducted on why we find things “cute”. Read more »
Guatemala: 65 dead, 17 million people affected by volcanic eruptions so far

Guatemala: 65 dead, 17 million people affected by volcanic eruptions so far

After the horrific explosion in Fugo volcano in Guatemala, bodies were removed from the debris on Tuesday. The number of people killed in this disaster has now reached 65. Read more »
North Korea 'Mauled' Nuclear Test Tunnels

North Korea ‘Mauled’ Nuclear Test Tunnels

North Korea has demolished the tunnels in its single nuclear test site. It is being told that North Korea has taken this step to ease tension in the Korean Peninsula. Read more »