Video Of Stuck Porcupine Goes Viral

We have all had a week that starts badly. Well! this was the case of a poor Saskatchewan porcupine whose misadventures became viral, despite himself. The video of a good Samaritan who... Read more »

man tries to burn down a gas station

A security video released by the Toronto Police shows a man trying to burn a gas station in the Scarborough neighborhood. According to the police, the incident occurred at approximately 12:30 on... Read more »

A Tom Thomson painting worth $175,000 discovered in a basement of Edmonton

Many of Tom Thomson’s works adorn the walls of Canada’s largest art galleries. And until recently, one of his paintings was collecting dust in the basement of an Edmonton residence. Glenna Gardiner,... Read more »

Smart speaker calls 911 to solve a marriage dispute

Smart speakers, which are entering more and more homes, may have unsuspected uses. One of these devices alerted the police that a violent domestic dispute was taking place in a New Mexico... Read more »

Tourists watch as fisherman cuts young orca out of net near Port Hardy

Earlier this week tourists near Port Hardy got an up close and personal experience with the whales that they were watching. Tourists sat enraptured as a caring fisherman cut a young orca... Read more »

London Fire Brigade Called for Spider On Pillow?

he London Fire Brigade recently released some of the strange reasons people are dialing ‘999’ to the public. The control room has heard everything from “there’s a fox in my garden,” to... Read more »

Pentagon Recognizes Existence of UFO Investigation Program

The US Department of Defense says the program stopped in 2012, but the “New York Times” says UFO investigations continue. After years of questioning, the Pentagon has acknowledged the existence of a... Read more »