NASA maps show these beautiful but terrifying aerosol clouds surrounding the earth

This image released by NASA has shown the massive clouds surrounding the earth. These images were taken by NASA’s number of satellites. Read more »
Quantum level after death

Scientists reveal the soul continues on a Quantum level after death

According to the scientists, the soul can continue to live on a quantum level after death which can be a proof of the afterlife. Read more »
Sweden's GDP

Sweden’s GDP as much as a week’s dip in China

Trade war between China and USA is growing steadily. This trade war in China’s stock market is a huge market. Compared to January, the Shanghai Composite Index has recorded a fall of... Read more »
Donald Trump

Chinese goods will have 25 percent tax: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is putting 25 percent tax on Chinese goods. These Chinese goods are $ 50 billion. Read more »
Police shot dead a knife in Berlin

Police shot dead a knife in Berlin

In Germany's capital Berlin, the police officer shot a person with a knife in the foot of the church, causing him to be injured. However, the police denied the possibility that the... Read more »
110 Dead In Cuba Crash

110 Dead In Cuba Crash, Two Days Of National Mourning Announces

Cuba confirmed Friday that 110 people were killed in an accident that took place shortly after flying from Havana Airport, in which 99 passengers were from Cuba Read more »
Kenya news

A Big Accident In Kenya collapse of a dam, 32 People Die

Due to torrential rains in Central Kenya, many damages have been caused by the collapse of a dam and at least 32 people died. Read more »
Robot's World's First Surgery,

Robot’s World’s First Surgery, Tumor Removed From The Spinal Cord

Parnikoff's surgery was done through Robot's hospital in the University of Pennsylvania in the US. pernikoff had tumors in the middle of the spinal cord and the skull. Read more »
Warren Buffet Will Continue To Invest In Apple Stocks

Warren Buffet Will Continue To Invest In Apple Stocks

After buying 75 million AAPL shares, entrepreneur and economist Warren Buffett says he believes more and more in Apple and wants to invest even more. Read more »

New York Attorney General Resigns After Allegations Of Physical Abuse

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned on Monday after allegations of physical harassment by four women. These women had made these allegations in an interview given to a local magazine Read more »