rio tinto river

Rio Tinto: A Piece Of Mars On The Land Of Earth

Rio Tinto river is not just a river on the surface of our planet. The growth of the river has consumed not only mountains and valleys but it is also known to... Read more »

Weird things that happen with astronauts when they are in space

Our universe is very beautiful. It never fails to surprise us. It is full of amazing things which makes us wonder about the things in the universe which are still a mystery... Read more »
Cadaver heads

Strangest Of Things Found By Airport Security Control

Airport security control is well known for its strict rules and systematic way of working. When you think of travelling somewhere, what would you like to take with you? Clothes, footwear, bags... Read more »
Don’t Tap The Glass

Few Of Really Strange Games And Apps Which Will Make You Say “What?”

There are a number of apps. These apps, when downloaded on smartphones, can help in serving some kind of purpose. Read more »
An 1894 time capsule was found under a bridge

The Most Bizarre Things Ever Discovered On The Construction Sites

There are people who throw things or sometimes things just fall and then they are found on the sites. But there are a few things which are so strange to be... Read more »
Rafflesia Arnoldii

World’s Strangest Species Of Plants Which You Might Have Never Heard About

There are many strange species of the plants, you might have heard about some of them and you might not have heard about some of them. Read more »
weird news 10 sep

Strange Forbidden Things In Various Countries All Around The World

There are some countries which consider the use of certain things as “lawbreaking” which other countries might find harmless. Read more »
Poveglia Island

These Horrifying Facts About The Poveglia Island In Italy Are Going To Send Chills Down Your Spine

Poveglia Island is considered to be one of the most illegal places one “shouldn’t ever” visit. Poveglia Island is just near the coast of northern Italy near Venice. In the land... Read more »

These Dinosaurs Are Waiting To Check You In At This Japan’s Hotel

This hotel in Japan is offering its guest one of the weirdest experience to be checked in to the hotel by dinosaurs. Henn na hotel in Japan offers an experience to its... Read more »
Strange lights over San Diego, UFO sighting or what?

Strange lights over San Diego, UFO sighting or what?

It was just like any other nights in San Diego when people saw a weird light appear in the sky. There were a number of speculations which were made because of the... Read more »