CWG 2018

Day 9, CWG 2k18, Vikas Krishan sure of at least Silver, India loss in men’s hockey semi-finals

Get latest news of 9th day of the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. You Know Boxer Vikas Krishan enters Men's 75kg final and sure of atleast Silver. Read more »

Rare Winston Churchill painting of BC lake sells for $87000

A damaged, mislabelled, but painted painting by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was sold for $ 87,000, about six times more expensive than the asking price. The work represents Lake Emerald... Read more »

Mastodon Tooth found in Charity Donations

Volunteers from a Grand Rapids, Michigan charity were shocked to discover the tooth and possibly a tusk from a long extinct relative of the Elephant had been placed in a donation box.... Read more »

Mysterious Sea Creature Identified As Sea Cow 

A huge, hairy mysterious sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Philippines Locals in Barangay Poblacion were shocked at the discovery of a mysterious sea creature measuring six metres... Read more »

Cracked Cell Phone Screens Could Be A Thing Of The Past With This New Discovery

Japanese researchers have accidentally developed a polymer glass capable of repairing itself by simply touching it. $200-$300. This is the price asked by Apple to repair the screen of the iPhone X... Read more »

Kidnapped 10-Year-Old Saved by Singing

Willie Myrick, a 10 year old boy who was kidnapped from his home in Atlanta Georgia has returned to his family – but this kidnapping story doesn’t go the way most of... Read more »

Eldery Couple Arrested with 27 Kilos Of Marijuana, Said It Was For Holiday Gifts: Police

If Santa Claus did not leave you the gift you craved most at Christmas, we may have discovered why: a couple of days ago, an elderly couple was arrested in Nebraska by... Read more »

Massive Twister Rips Through The Midwest

The Southeast and Midwest were in the path of severe storm threats that spun off some tornadoes that caused injuries to some and left others dead. This massive storm left a trail... Read more »