Ghost Fleet Near Chuuk Lagoon

Things Found Underwater Which Is Hard To Believe

When we talk about the ocean, around 70% of our planet is covered by oceans and it is said that only 5% of that is explored. Which means 65% of water bodies... Read more »
Organic Wood Bench

A Few Of The Most Unusual Furniture Designs You Have Ever Seen

There are a number of factors which are needed to be considered when you are buying a piece of furniture. Factors like the comfort, style of the furniture etc. Read more »
Writing Spider

A Recent Study Shows Why You Should Avoid Staying Home At 7:35 Pm If You Are Scared Of The Spiders

Arachnophobia - the fear of spiders. It is suggested that people scared of spiders should stay out of their house at 7.35 pm. Read more »
Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy house

The Most Bizarre But Beautiful Buildings Of The Whole World

In this age of development, in technology, infrastructure, inventions etc. There are a few buildings in the who have been given a lot of thought to build. Read more »
Spacex Unveils

Spacex Unveils More Details About The Future City On Mars

One of the Engineers of SpaceX has revealed some details about their future project on Mars. One of the founder and CEO of SpaceX has planned to develop a city on Mars.... Read more »

Five Of The Weirdest Animals On Earth Which You Have Never Heard About

There are many creatures present in nature. As the saying goes “Nature is full of surprises”. There are many animals present in nature who are too cute to be cuddled, but there... Read more »
Brazilian island

The first child born on the island of Brazil, after 12 years, island’s population is 3000

For the first time in 12 years, a baby is born on Fernando de Noroná, the small island of Brazil. Although there was a ban on the birth of a baby on... Read more »
10 Dead In Fierce Firing In Us School, In A Suspected Detention

10 Dead In Fierce Firing In Us School, In A Suspected Detention

In a high school in the US state of Texas, on Friday, a student fired indiscriminately and killed ten people. Most of the people killed are students. The number of dead... Read more »
Bursted Volcanoes in America

Bursted Volcanoes – Rise Higher Than The Himalayas, Fly At Such A Height

A bomb exploded in the highly dangerous volcano Kalayu in Hawaii. The ash emanating from this volcanic eruption has sprung up to a height of about 30 thousand feet Read more »
Suicide Bombers Of Terrorists Near Police Station In Indonesia

Suicide Bombers Of Terrorists Near Police Station In Indonesia; 4 Killed, 10 Wounded

Two terrorists who came to the motorbike in the headquarters of the city's Surabaya located in the second largest city of Surabaya, blasted themselves on May 14 Monday, blew themselves up,... Read more »