waffle house

Naked Gunman In A Restaurant Of Nashville Killed Three People, Four Injured

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said in a statement that the incident took place at a restaurant in the Waffle House Series at Antioch, Southeast town of Nashville at 3 o'clock. Read more »

Bitcoin Mining Gainful Beyond $8600 According To Morgan Stanley Studies

According to studies by Morgan Stanley’s crypto-analysis group, Bitcoin miners will maximum probably find their efforts to be fruitless unless the currency remains above the $8000 price factor. Read more »

Ohh !! LEGO Is Now Hiring For The Job You Dreamed Of As A Kid

Yes ! The majority would be happier if their complete-time process required them to do little outward of acting like a kid. That’s the premise of an open position in Dayton, Ohio.... Read more »

Victoria port authority hopes fake tree will help with gull poop problem

The Victoria Harbor Authority is hoping a newly installed fake nest will attract a pair of bald eagles to help get rid of dozens of gulls that are defecating on the roof... Read more »

‘Share your spare’: NB man advertising on car to find kidney donors

“Need a kidney, type 0. Share Your Spare.” That’s what Daniel McLaughlin of Moncton had in the back of his car. Diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in 1994, Daniel McLaughlin began home... Read more »

Sinkhole Swallowing Homes Whole Near Clearwater, Florida

The Michael Dupre family of Dunedin, Florida watched in horror this week as their luxurious family home began crumbling and being swallowed up by a gigantic sinkhole in the ground. His daughter... Read more »

Scientists Discover A Faceless Fish

While conducting research in the deep waters off the east of Australia, scientists found a faceless fish. In mid-May, scientists equpied with cameras, sonars and nets explored the total darkness of the... Read more »

93-Year-Old Arrested For Not Paying Rent

A 93-year-old woman has had the worst experience of her life when she was arrested for apparently not paying rent for her apartment in an independent living center in Eustis, Florida. According to Eustis police, the... Read more »