bicoin center

At Bitcoin Center, Believers Keep Hope In Cryptocurrency

Southeast of Manhattan in New York, the most loyal Bitcoin followers want to continue to believe in the bright future of cryptocurrency, despite a recent fall in prices and a slowing of... Read more »
Southwest Airlines Engine Explosion

Southwest Airlines Flights Engine Explosion: FAA need to test that type of engine

The Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) said that airworthiness directive would be need to inspections or test of a big number of CFM56-7B engines. Read more »
Donald Trump Declares Airstrikes

Donald Trump Declares Airstrikes On Syrian Targets

WASHINGTON US country — President Mr. Donald Trump declared army air moves on Syrian objectives after that concluding that the regime for Bashir Assad turned into responsible for the usage of dangerous... Read more »

Ants On A Plane

A WOW Air plane from Iceland was placed in confinement for hours at the Montreal airport, Wednesday night after the discovery of an infestation of ants. A passenger on the flight, Marco... Read more »

The flying saucer of Rael is for sale

The flying saucer of Rael, alias Claude Vorilhon, is not the only object for sale by the Maricourt Camping Havana Resort, which inherited many objects from the guru by buying the land... Read more »

McDonald’s reverses its famous logo to mark Women’s Rights Day

The head of a McDonald’s restaurant in California made the decision to mark International Women’s Rights Day by returning the famous M of the brand to become a W, like women ,... Read more »

Mississippi Couple Film UFO On Trail Cam

Jackson County, Mississippi – You would think that with a wide open world, alien life from a distant planet would be far more interested in observing the innumerable towns and cities that... Read more »

A drifting Canadian buoy found 16 months later in France

A Canadian signal buoy drifted for months, after disappearing in October 2016, before being found a few days ago off Île de Ré, near the west coast of France. The 5 m... Read more »

Quebec man kills neighbors can believing it was a demon

After killing the cat of a tenant in his building because he believed it was a demon, a 35-year-old man assaulted police following his arrest on Thursday by biting one officer on... Read more »

You will never guess why KFC only “follows” these 11 people on Twitter

Netizens and other fried chicken fans know it: fast food brand KFC is very selective about its subscriptions on Twitter. As such, his official Twitter account “follows” only 11 people. A very... Read more »