Sensor Attached to A Tooth Keeps Track of What You Eat

American engineers have developed a small sensor that, when placed directly on a tooth, analyzes in real time the glucose, salt and alcohol consumption of a person. Researcher Fiorenzo Omenetto and his... Read more »

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Feels Backlash Online By Christians

Ice cream company Sweet Jesus in Toronto acknowledges that its name may “not please” some, but assures that their intention is “not to disrespect” anyone. An online petition accuses the chain, which... Read more »

Flat Earther Finally Launches His Homemade Rocket

A self-taught scientist who believes that the Earth is flat has propelled himself about 570 meters into the air aboard a homemade rocket before getting hurt slightly by landing hard in the... Read more »

Drones used instead of models at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show

UAVs replaced the models to present the handbags at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show at Milan Fashion Week in Italy. The Italian fashion house opened its show in Milan on Sunday,... Read more »

Fossil of World’s Smallest Hedgehog Discovered in Canada

A team from the University of Colorado at Boulder working in British Columbia recently found the fossil of a ‘thumb-sized’ hedgehog. They say the fossil is 52 million years old. It is... Read more »

Tourists watch as fisherman cuts young orca out of net near Port Hardy

Earlier this week tourists near Port Hardy got an up close and personal experience with the whales that they were watching. Tourists sat enraptured as a caring fisherman cut a young orca... Read more »

hand grenades bought at flea market explodes

BERLIN — A neighbourhood in Western Germany was evacuated after World War II-era grenades and other munitions bought at a flea market began exploding in summer-like heat. Police were called after an... Read more »