Woman’s Perfect Hack to Cut Cake Everytime is Blowing People’s Minds

Woman’s Perfect Hack to Cut Cake Everytime is Blowing People’s Minds

Cutting a cake is not funny business as any effort to slip away with the biggest slice is the sort of behaviour that prompts family fights in coming years.

Being endowed with cutting the cake at parties and other uncommon events is a major obligation, and manhandling the ability to scratch a couple of additional toppings onto your plate is a major no-no.

Regardless of whether you explore through the tricky math of cutting it off, you’re at that point compelled to attempt to adjust each cut on the narrow edge of the blade to get it to a plate without watching everything fall apart right in front of you.

However, one mum has concocted a smart method to make the entire job significantly simpler, and it’s had more than 5.5 million views since being shared on TikTok.

As opposed to using a knife, the mum uses a couple of food tongs, flipping them around and pushing them down into the cake to cut the perfect triangle cut.

Grasping the two closures, she then lifts the bit of cake out with no errors or breakages. Despite the fact that the mum couldn’t look less impressed by being filmed for the viral video, individuals in the comments said they were left ‘mind blown’ by the hack.

Jessica Blair

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