Woman Can’t Wear Shoes or Go for a Run Because of Her Extra Long Nails

Woman Can’t Wear Shoes or Go for a Run Because of Her Extra Long Nails

Arinda Storm Weaver infrequently cuts her toenails and accordingly, they’re staggeringly long. So long, that she can’t wear closed-toe shoes or go for a run.

And keeping in mind that the length stuns a few people, there are numerous who truly appreciate them and a number will even compensate her for recordings of her feet.

The 58-year-old who lives in Columbus, Ohio, charges £11.50 for a 10-minute clasp of her toenails and gets such a lot of money flow from these recordings that she had the option to stop her vocation as a record expert.

She additionally shares photographs of her hands and feet via web-based networking media – which is the place she previously found nail obsessions were a thing.

Arinda transferred a couple of photographs of her long fingernails to MySpace, just to show them off.

They before long started accumulating a ton of consideration and she understood there was additionally genuine cash to be made, particularly from toes.

Arinda now distinguishes LNB, a Long Nail Beauty.

And keeping in mind that she makes a lot of cash from her nails, there are also a couple of drawbacks.

Jessica Blair

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