Sad Dog Cries for an Hour as He Watches Favorite Toy in Washing Machine

Sad Dog Cries for an Hour as He Watches Favorite Toy in Washing Machine

A sad sausage dog named Pickle woofed and pawed at the clothes washer as he wouldn’t leave the side of his preferred chicken drumstick toy for the whole hour-long cycle.

The three-year-old Dachshund hasn’t gone anyplace without his adored ‘nug’ since Santa conveyed it at Christmas and even takes it to bed with him.

It arrived in a set which likewise contained a burger and chips, yet when the lovable doggo acknowledged he was unable to convey every one of the three without a moment’s delay, he picked the chicken drumstick as his main.

Pickle’s owner Rebekah Taylor concluded it was time the toy was given a decent perfect and occupied him with treats in the nursery so she could sneak nug into the wash.

Before the mum-of-one could even turn on the machine, Pickle detected his closest friend was at serious risk and started yelping and scratching at the robot holding it hostage.

Incapable to protect it, he sat crying and pawing at the machine until the cycle was finished – and couldn’t contain his excitement when 36-year-old Rebekah at long last liberated his preferred drumstick.

Jessica Blair

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