You Can Now Get Paid to Watch 24 Hours of Murder Documentaries

You Can Now Get Paid to Watch 24 Hours of Murder Documentaries

In case you’re a true crime fan who can deal with the genuine accounts of the world’s most infamous serial killers and frequenting details of the paranormal, MagellanTV may have the ideal job for you.

The documentary streaming service needs to scrutinize one up-and-comer by getting them through a frightening 24-hour gorge of consecutive horror stories – while streaming the entire thing to check whether they break.

The bill for the throughout the night alarm fest comprises 16 titles including Manson’s Missing Victims, Tortured to Death: Murdering the Nanny, and Last Confessions of the Cannibal.

If you figure out how to finish the errand, you’ll be given £800 ($1,000), a year’s free membership to MagellanTV, and three-month subscription for three of your friends or family.

Shockingly, applications to take on the job are just open to those beyond 18 years old and living in the US.

The individuals who extravagant themselves for the activity need to present their defence recorded as a hard copy or with a video, including details of their actual crime and connections to their social media pages.

Jessica Blair

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