Woman Goes Way Beyond to Cut Dog’s Nails – Puts Peanut Butter on Her Head

Woman Goes Way Beyond to Cut Dog’s Nails - Puts Peanut Butter on Her Head

If you’re a dog owner, more than likely, you’ll face the struggle that is cutting your dog’s nails.

Overgrown nails can be very painful for dogs, so it’s essential to keep them cut to a normal length.

After battling to cut them before, one dog owner thought of a quite extraordinary method for doing it at home – and it worked a wonder.

Linds Shelton first shared her hack to her TikTok account with the description: “Need help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu” – and she assuredly does.

Her hack begins by folding cling film over the top of her head, before spreading a liberal measure of peanut butter onto it. Then when the dog is caught up with licking the peanut butter, she cuts his nails.

She likewise advises watchers not to stress as the peanut butter that she is using doesn’t contain any xylitol.

After getting about 500,000 views, she shared the video to her Twitter and has piled on a huge 2.6 million on there.

Jessica Blair

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