New Dad Loses Job Due to Coronavirus But Wins £2.4million on the lottery

New Dad Loses Job Due to Coronavirus But Wins £2.4million on the lottery

A young dad who lost his job because of the COVID-19 pandemic has won a lot of pounds on the lottery.

The anonymous man, in his 20s, is one of the millions around the globe who have been left thinking of how they would adapt subsequent to being made jobless due to coronavirus.

With a spouse and a child, the dad was pushed and stressed over how he supported this little family.

However, all that changed when he won the top prize in Australia’s Lott’s Set For Life game.

It’s safe to state that his, and his family’s, life will never be the same after he got the enormous AUD $4.8million win, which is around £2.4million.

For the following 20 years, the family will get AUD $20,000, which is what could be compared to £10,200, a month.

The Australian dad bought his ticket online at, which has since been affirmed by authorities.

He expressed that when he checked his online record and saw he had won. He woke up his better half to tell her and she shouted. It’s mind-blowing. He checked his online record so often to check whether it was true. They didn’t get any rest. They stayed up the entire evening staring at the TV and discussing what they would do.

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