Mum Makes Little Girl Wear a Sign on Back, So She Won’t be Shamed in Supermarket

Mum Makes Little Girl Wear a Sign on Back, So She Won’t be Shamed in Supermarket

Various nations around the globe are at present on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. As such there are severe rules about going out.

Numerous individuals are just permitted to go outside for everyday practice or to load up on necessities, for example, food and medicine. Anyway, there are even rules that ought to be followed with regards to doing fundamental shopping, for example just a single individual from every family is intended to go to the general store.

Now and again shops have allegedly attempted to clamp down on this, not permitting children into the stores, which can be a significant issue for single parents.

One single mum recently ended up being disgraced for taking her five-year-old little girl to the grocery store with her, however, she had no other decision. MaryAnn Fausey Resendez was tired of individuals’ responses to her daughter being in the shop, so she chose to assume control over issues.

The parent made a sign which she put on her little girl’s back, illuminating outsiders regarding their circumstance.

It read: “I am just five. I can’t stay at home alone so I need to purchase groceries with mommy. Before you start judging, stay back six feet.”

MaryAnn shared a photograph of her little girl wearing the sign on Facebook. Her post immediately circulated around the web, getting a large number of likes and shares.

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