Police Encouraging Social Distancing by Dressing up in Coronavirus Costumes

Police Encouraging Social Distancing by Dressing up in Coronavirus Costumes

A police force has thought of a one of a kind method for helping residents to remember the significance of social distancing – taking on the appearance of the coronavirus itself.

In a strange clip shared not long ago, two formally dressed officials masked themselves as the dangerous infection. The officials were then observed strolling the lanes of the Bolivian capital, La Paz, to the beat of the music, and chatting with customers.

As though the entire thing couldn’t get any more strange their splendid neon ensembles, with their threatening smiles, were practically different from those of football mascots.

Kidding aside, the forces trusting this plainly visual showcase could bring issues to light of the significance of keeping up cleanliness and social distancing measures during the worldwide pandemic.

In any case, the brilliant presentation appears to be to some degree at odds with the nation’s exacting lockdown strategy which sees individuals just permitted out once per week.

An amendment to the isolate rules states just a single individual for each family can go out between 7 am and early afternoon on weekdays.

The nation has likewise fixed its fringe controls lately in an offer to contain the spread.

President Jeanine Anez proclaimed a condition of a public healthcare crisis, broadening the outskirts until April 15.

Cops wearing the coronavirus ensembles watched the roads and reminded people on foot that it was better for them to remain at home as a safety measure against the pandemic.

Jessica Blair

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