Dog Sprains his Tail After Wagging it Too Much as Humans are Always at Home

Dog Sprains his Tail After Wagging it Too Much as Humans are Always at Home

Social distancing and working from home may feel like a bother for most people yet it’s the best possible for dogs. Instead of going through watching you go out each day, the doggies now have a permanent working, playing and resting partners.

The energy demonstrated an excessive amount to deal with for little Rolo the Dachshund, who was so happy his owners decided to isolate him during the coronavirus emergency that he sprained his tail from swaying it to such an extent. His owner, Emma Smith, got worried after seeing the doggo’s tail had ‘stopped moving’.

Rolo’s cute story piled on more than one million likes via social networking media, with Emma later including an update for his new list of faithful followers.

Emma also included a video of Rolo getting some happy belly rubs and expressed gratitude toward everybody for their anxiety with a more established clip of the little doggie moving his tail like a helicopter in the garden, saying he’ll have returned to his cheerful wagging ways in a matter of moments.

It turns out the injury is a genuinely basic one for dogs, with different owners sharing stories of their pets experiencing ‘happy tail syndrome.’

Jessica Blair

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