Golden ‘Unicorn’ Puppy With Adorable Name Has an Ear in the Middle of Her Head

Golden ‘Unicorn’ Puppy With Adorable Name Has an Ear in the Middle of Her Head

There can never be sufficient Instagram accounts devoted to hounds – particularly with regards to golden retrievers. It tends to be difficult to stand apart from the fluff group however one doggo is starting to gain a large number of followers because of her lovable and extremely interesting look.

Little Rae has been distinguished as a ‘golden unicorn’ pup by her owner after a mishap during birth implied she lost her left ear, and as she developed more established her right ear relocated to the center of her head.

Maybe the best thing about Rae is when the penny drops and you understand why she was given that name – as it spells ear in reverse.

She deservedly shot to popularity when a clasp of her visit to the vets was transferred to TikTok by user Sambosmitty with the description ‘unicorn puppy’ as the dog was given a much-refreshing scratch under the jawline.

After it piled on practically a large part of a million likes, a subsequent video was included showing her adorable and perky nature as others via social networking media couldn’t get enough of her ’11/10 charm’.

The vet also affirmed that Rae can hear out of her unicorn horn and individuals called her ‘actually the cutest thing I’ve ever seen’. She has since picked up nearly 12,000 followers on Instagram, where photographs and videos are shared of her outings to daycare, the park, and relaxing around in bed.

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