Experts Suggest Whether Ketchup Must be Kept in Fridge or Not

Experts Suggest Whether Ketchup Must be Kept in Fridge or Not

In case you’re somebody who is a firm follower that ketchup ought to be kept in the fridge and not the cabinet, we’re afraid we have some terrible news for you.

Many of us have never taken a look at the back of our bottles to follow the direction on how they ought to be put away.

In spite of a Heinz Tomato Ketchup prescribing clients to refrigerate once open (and eat inside about two months), the Which? a group of experts made up of a public analyst, an extraordinary guide on food and drink, and enlisted dietitian Dr. Sarah Schenker said it’s simply occupying a pointless room in your fridge.

Dr. Schenker included: “Sometimes people keep ketchup in the fridge, simply because they prefer a chilled taste, but otherwise it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.”

It’s an alternate story for mayonnaise, which they state ought to be put away in the fridge as, despite the fact that it contains vinegar, there isn’t sufficient to protect it at room temperature.

Keeping it cool will limit the development of microbes that can be brought when you plunge cutlery into the container.

The group had their say on 21 of the most popular condiments and whether they ought to be kept refrigerated.

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