Devastated Woman Realizes the Plant She’s Been Watering for Two Years is Fake

Devastated Woman Realizes the Plant She’s Been Watering for Two Years is Fake

A plant lover was left crushed when she found the explanation her succulent stayed in “great” condition wasn’t down to her affection and devotion.

Caelie Wilkes had been strictly watering the plant, ensuring it was getting the perfect measure of daylight and normally cleaning the leaves, for a long time.

She even confessed to having a serious watering plan for it, saying she would get “defensive” if other individuals attempted to water it.

It was just when she went to re-pot the succulent that she saw it was phony.

She clarified after finding an adorable container that fit it splendidly, she concluded she would re-pot it.

In any case, as she began to haul it out of its real plastic container she saw that it was connected to foam, and enhanced with sand which was stuck on top.

Her story was shared to an Australian indoor plant group Facebook page, where various others conceded they’d also made a similar mistake.

One stated: “My friend at work always kills the plants because she doesn’t water them, so I put a fake one in the cafe. She watered it for a month before I told her it was fake.”

Jessica Blair

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