Man’s Pancake Day Effort Looks More Like it Has Been Scraped Off

Man’s Pancake Day Effort Looks More Like it Has Been Scraped Off

For any individual who doesn’t have an idea, Rate My Plate is a Facebook group with more than 1.8m followers, who love just looking at the dishes that individuals share.
Regardless of whether the dish looks as though it has been made by a culinary chef, followers will even now find something to pass judgment on.

The most recent plate was put together by Liam M, who shared an image of his sketchy looking pancake, to check Shrove Tuesday – otherwise called Pancake Day.

While Brits all over the nation are beating their pancakes with lemon and sugar or Nutella and banana, Liam M is beating his with marginally progressively unconventional fixings.

Despite the fact that the pancake being referred to looks like a crepe-like surface – – its color is somewhat off-putting. It’s dull green, with a dark tinge and is shrouded in a white powder, which seems as though it could be flour.

The pancake is then bested with an egg – that looks marginally worse, with the yolk splattered and white collapsed in on itself. However, that isn’t the most strange part – there are additionally various biting gums put on top for garnish – each to their own.

Looking at the image, a user stated: “The only thing happy about pancake day is we are not having pancakes at your house…”

A fourth kidded: “Looks like great modern art, you might make a fortune there!”

Jessica Blair

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