Sheepdog with 1.8KG of Fur Gets Haircut and Looks Completely Different

Sheepdog with 1.8KG of Fur Gets Haircut and Looks Completely Different

A neglected sheepdog has been given an intense makeover after his matted fur turned out to be such an issue it made him stroll into dividers and entryways.

Two-year-old Arlo was given in at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home when his owners were never again ready to take care of him, and his layer of the coat of fur had become so substantial it even obstructed his eyes.

The bunches in his hide had become so terrible that staff at the salvage community were left no decision yet cut it off – and it left lovable Arlo resembling a totally different doggo.

His meeting with the hairdressers took three individuals two hours to cut his hair from head to paws, with his abundance locks filling a sack weighing 1.8kg when it was at long last finished.

It’s left Arlo feeling significantly more joyful as the mats in his hair were beforehand so awful it would pull at his skin, leaving him awkward and feeling on edge when he was being taken care of.

Arlo is presently being prepared to show that prepping and being dealt with by people can be a charming encounter.

His unique owner had to surrender him when they needed to move into new accommodation which didn’t permit pets. Be that as it may, with the hideout of his eyes, he presently has his eyes solidly set on finding another home.

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