Dad Leaves 14-year Old Daughter at Airport With Expired Passport

Dad Leaves 14-year Old Daughter at Airport With Expired Passport

One father and his better half and children thought they had discovered the ideal break and were headed to a trip when they understood they had overlooked one key detail.

Following quite a while of saving, the father, his significant other and his three children aged nine, 11 and 14 – booked their first trip abroad. His 14-year-old girl from a past relationship had just been on vacation abroad with her mum however his two more kids had never been abroad.

It implied they had new passports for the trip while his oldest little girl had utilized hers previously. The father clarified that when he asked his ex-partner to fill in his little girl’s passport details on the web, she won’t and would just give him the expiry date.

When they lined up to get their tickets, that he discovered that his 14-year-old little girl’s passport was expected to terminate in two months’ time. This implied the aircraft wouldn’t let her fly as it was their arrangement for travelers to have a half year left on their international IDs.

The costly trip was non-refundable and to make matters progressively muddled the father’s significant other said she would drop the whole trip if that he wasn’t with her.

She demanded she wouldn’t have the option to deal with traveling abroad with the two kids for the first time alone. After talking about the circumstance with his partner, the father chose to go on the trip with her and his youngsters – leaving his oldest little girl at the airport.

He then asked his father to get his little girl from the airport.

The father conceded that he was “miserable knowing that I had left my daughter behind”.

He included that he’d been sent messages from people back home doubting their choice. When the family returned from the trip, his girl refused to see or talk with him.

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