Burger King New Zealand Launches New Sandwich and People are Unimpressed

Burger King New Zealand Launches New Sandwich and People are Unimpressed

Fast-food chain Burger King has recently shared the amazing news that they’re trialing another sandwich in New Zealand.

Yet, since the launch, Brits have been ridiculing Burger King’s ‘imaginative’ thought and rushed to call attention to that there is the same old thing nor exciting about the new sandwich.

Burger King depicts its new ‘burger’ as having fries, mayo, and ketchup, settled between two delicate buns. His Royal Fry-ness, the CHIP BUTTY has shown up.

However, Brits consider it to be a buttered move with certain chips tossed in, and a spot of sauce for good measure – a staple British delicacy.

A user commented: “Burger King think they invented the chip butty, le sigh. It’s a staple food in the UK, we either make it at home or buy one from the fish and chip shop. My preference is lashing butter and a sprinkle of salt.”

The new ‘burger’ retails for $2 which turns out as 99p, so it’s a flat out deal – yet would you expect anything less for chips a bun?

If that doesn’t excite you enough, you can redesign your little bun of delectability, with portions of bacon for an extra $1 – 50p.


Jessica Blair

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