Dog Rides Bus to Dog Park Every Day to Play By Herself

Dog Rides Bus to Dog Park Every Day to Play By Herself

Eclipse, The lovable doggo goes out in Seattle without anyone else to get a bus to a midtown hound park, where she remains for two or three hours to play and make friends.

When she’s set, she heads to the bus station to get a ride back to her home using the ticket she has joined to her neckline.

Everything began when Eclipse’s owner Jeff was taking her to the park one day and he was taking too long to finish his cigarette when the bus arrived.

Reluctant to postpone the outing any more, the black Labrador and Mastiff blend left him, bouncing on the bus and holding up a couple of stops before expressing gratitude toward the driver and hopping off at the park.

In a post on Facebook, which has more than 290,000 shares, Robbie Lauren said Jeff soon started to understand that Eclipse realized the course like the back of her paw and before long confided in her enough to go alone, realizing she would return a few hours later.’

All of the bus drivers know her and she makes them smile and a large number of the travelers appreciate seeing her and will often sit down by her.

Indeed, even the police have given their permission as long as the transport drivers approve of the plan.

All of the drivers on the course know Eclipse and will get her if they see her waiting for a lift, before ensuring the pull over at the park if she forgets to press the stop button.

Jessica Blair

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