Dog Who Always Looks Confused Lived in Shelter Due to His Wonky Nose

Dog Who Always Looks Confused Lived in Shelter Due to His Wonky Nose

A cute dog who ‘always looks confused’ was left sitting in a shelter for a long time because of his different looks.

Jude was neglected on numerous occasions because of his wonky nose, which doesn’t influence his health however just leaves him with a heart-melting expression.

Following quite a while of failed attempts at finding Jude a forever home, a couple in Florida who consented to give him a safe shelter to remain when Hurricane Dorian hit discovered they couldn’t allow him to leave – and it’s anything but difficult to find any reason why.

Jennifer Moore and Joseph Carver took him in and began to look all starry eyed at the quirky doggo, knowing in a second it was the ideal match.

Six-year-old Jude’s owner accepts his features and bark point to him being a dog mix, yet state they aren’t 100 percent certain about his breed.

Obviously, Jude has become a local celebrity on account of his patent look, with individuals continually halting to make a fuss about him and his nose when he’s out on walkies.

Jessica Blair

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