Teen Banned From School Graduation Because of His Hairstyle

Teen Banned From School Graduation Because of His Hairstyle

A young kid has been suspended from school and told he won’t walk at his graduation because of hairstyle.

DeAndre Arnold, 18, from Texas, was told his dreadlocks ‘violated dress code’ and was given a final offer – cut them off or miss walking over the phase with his friends.

The code at Barbers Hill High School disallows hair that touches the neckline, ears or in the face, and he was advised to transform it over the Christmas break if he needed to return to class.

Be that as it may, DeAndre’s mum cases his hair doesn’t break the code as he generally has it tied up.

After different meetings with school authorities and an unjustifiable final proposal, DeAndre revealed to KRIV he chose not to trim his hair and was rebuffed with in-school suspension.

It was only now that DeAndre was given the news that he wouldn’t have the option to walk the stage with his friends at his graduation except if he maintained the school clothing regulation.

Also, DeAndre’s family remains by his choice, demanding that he won’t be trimming his hair as well.

DeAndre’s dad is Trinidadian, so hair is his way of life and legacy.

Both the educational committee and Greg Poole, director, denied the intrigue and guaranteed that their issue hasn’t been raised against DeAndre’s dreadlocks, however the length of them.

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