Slimming World Member Creates ‘Diet Cheesecake’ and People Are Disgusted

Slimming World Member Creates ‘Diet Cheesecake’ and People Are Disgusted

Toward the beginning of the month, individuals couldn’t stop discussing Gene Simmons putting ice cubes in his cereal and normally it motivated others to attempt it.

Now, individuals can’t quit discussing a cheesecake – If you can even consider it that. That is on the grounds that a post from a private Slimming World Facebook group has become famous after a member shared a screenshot of it on Twitter.

In the post, an individual offers a look at their take on cheesecake, which contains various ingredients you can eat while following a Slimming World Diet.

To make their cheesecake, they utilized Crunchy Nut cornflakes as a base, then added quark, Laughing Cow spreadable cheese, and Options white hot cocoa powder.

This blend was then spread over the cereal in a plastic box. They shared photographs of the ingredients and the completed outcome in the group Slimming World Tasty Meal and treats, inscribing the post: “Just done a cheesecake for later.”

This was then put on Twitter by a user who stated: “I thought this was a joke. It is not a joke.” The tweet immediately became famous online, getting more than 1,000 likes and more than 100 retweets.

Numerous users rushed to share their disgust. Anyway, not every person was totally against creation.

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