Man Orders a Wool Jumper Online and Realizes His Mistake When it Arrives

Man Orders a Wool Jumper Online and Realizes His Mistake When it Arrives

After having jumper envy taking a look at Chris Evans’ character in the new mystery movie Knives Out, Dan chose to add a similar wooly sweater to his very own closet.

Surfing around on the web, he ran over what resembled the perfect knitwear on a site at a very reasonable price and added it to his cart.

It’s just when the post arrived at his doorstep that his mistake was realized. Dan hadn’t requested the wooly sweater as it showed up, however rather had bought a large amount of wool, requiring some real sewing abilities to reach the level of that jumper.

Dan posted a photograph of twelve chunks of wool with description, he was confused as he requested a wool sweater (like Chris Evans in Knives Out) from a Norwegian site and what he got was the raw materials needed to make the sweater himself.

The post has gained more than 140,000 likes, as Dan took 100 percent of the responsibility of the mistake, revealing that wool is pleasant and he will gift it to friends who sew.

Jessica Blair

Jessica Blair is the lead editor of Weird News Ledger. Before joining Weird News Ledger, Jessica worked as a national political reporter for Postmedia News. She has covered many political events on and off since 2006, writing for Sun Media, and producing for CTV and for CBC.

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