TGI Fridays Launches Vegan Steak Made of Watermelon

TGI Fridays Launches Vegan Steak Made of Watermelon

The vegan lifestyle is going all out and retailers are rolling in to offer buyers new plant-based items as the fever is increasing. The most recent eatery network to participate in the development is TGI Fridays who have divulged their new veggie lover watermelon steak.

For £12.99, more than half price of a 16-ounce sirloin meat steak, health freaks and cafes can appreciate “fresh watermelon carefully cut into steak slices then chargrilled to create its unique steak-like texture.”

The veggie lover meat choice is marinated in garlic and prepared with hot sriracha for a particular and searing taste. The steak is then served with an avocado sauce.

Terry McDowell, head development chef at TGI Fridays said, “We’re truly excited about the new veggie lover steak since it’s interesting to us here at TGI Fridays.”

TGIs are a long way from the first big name to begin offering their vegetarian cafes something somewhat more intriguing than a plate of veg. A plant-based steak bake from Greggs, veggie lover fish from Wagamama’s and the vegan alternatives at McDonald’s are only a couple of examples of places hoping to earn more from the present plant-based lifestyle.

Jessica Blair

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