January 7th 2020. Florida, USA – Every device today has a ‘smart’ version of it. Mirror View is a magic mirror, which is a smart version of mirror, is functional as artistic and MirrorView is a mirror for Digital Display in Smart Home Interior. This is why Fab Glass and Mirror, launches its Mirror view this January.


Mirror View from Fab Glass and Mirror features highly reflective coated glass, allowing it to act as a two-way mirror. The mirror works with ‘on’ and ‘off’ functions. When off, it functions as a standard mirror. But when the mirror is on, the reflection effect disappears, and it shows the screen of a video device hidden behind it.

This magic mirror is perfect for outdoor sittings, glass lobbies, rooms with numerous glass windows, and other space with bright, natural light. It is also ideal for areas where there are monitors or TV screens. Mirror View is one of the simplest yet affordable ways to upscale your home interior without putting in tremendous effort. No matter a glass lobby or living room, the magic mirror pane makes your space speak with its clear reflective properties while offering the visible transmission. That’s why Fab Glass and Mirror is bringing it to you.

With Mirror View™, you don’t have to worry about creating an extra shelf for your TV or computer.  This smart mirror from Fab Glass and Mirror allows you to enjoy a range of beautiful views while maintaining a high-tech appearance. Coupled with aesthetics and functionality.

What makes MirrorView a smart emulate is its ability to reflect a clear view and display visible transmission. This magic mirror offers various functions.

Ordering with Fab Glass & Mirrors is pretty hassle free as the company offers free shipping nationwide, have a secure premium SSL and accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay. Ahmed Mandy, CEO of Fab Glass & Mirrors said, “We pride ourselves on the utmost quality when it comes to our goods and we are very excited about the launch of the another item in our product line.

We have some of the best customer support agents who are ready to help customers pick out their custom mirror. Whether you are looking to add in a statement in your living room or intended to enhance the commercial ambiance, our Mirror View will give a classy aesthetic that will last a lifetime.”

About Fab Glass and Mirror

Fab Glass and Mirror is one of the fastest growing companies specializing in manufacturing and distribution of glass and mirror products. Within decade it has become industry leading supplier of the finest products and services to consumers, businesses, distributors and contractors.

With our state of the art, online ordering system coupled with live assistance by phone. Fab Glass and Mirror are committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our customers globally.

To further information about Fab Glass and Mirror, and to procure MirrorView, please visit the https://www.fabglassandmirror.com/mirrors/mirrorview

Media Contact:Fab Glass & Mirrors Logo
Name: Fab Glass and Mirror
Email: info@fabglassandmirror.com
Phone:  +1 888-474-2221
Website: https://www.fabglassandmirror.com

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