Burger King Fans Frustrated Over ‘Stupid’ New Plant-Based Burger

Burger King Fans Frustrated Over ‘Stupid’ New Plant-Based Burger

Recently, fast food joint Burger King released another version of the Whopper over the UK – a plant-based burger made of soy that is known as the Rebel Whopper.

But, it has a somewhat special catch.

While this burger may sound perfect for each one of those participating in the Vegan lifestyle, it turns out, it’s not really appropriate for veggie lovers or vegans.

That is because Rebel Whopper is cooked on the same grill like hamburger, which means a lot of non-meat eaters won’t have the option to devour it.

This has caused discussion with numerous individuals taking social media platforms to share their disappointment. One disappointed individual stated: “Not appropriate for vegans not to mention vegetarians. What is the point?”

Another asked: “How can Burger King be so dumb? They’ve another veggie burger which they are cooking on the same grill as the dead ground up into small pieces beef burger, so it gets covered in animal fat.”

Another person stated: “What a wasted chance. Burger King has messed themselves up by not making the meat-free burger available to veggie lovers like me and those on a plant-based eating routine.”

This isn’t the first time when Burger King has experienced harsh criticism for a vegan burger. Back in July, the organization released another halloumi burger, for the individuals who don’t eat meat.

In any case, a similar issue was experienced – the burger was being cooked in the oil that was used for both chicken and fish.

Jessica Blair

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