Aliens Exist and They Are Living With Us on Earth: Dr Helen Sharman

Aliens Exist and They Are Living With Us on Earth: Dr Helen Sharman

Dr. Helen Sharman was a 27-year-old food chemist when she visited Russia’s Mir space station in May 1991. She applied and was chosen – beating 13,000 others – subsequent to hearing a call for potential space explorers on the radio while driving home from work.

About 30 years on from her notable accomplishment, the national hero said extraterrestrial life could be living with us.

Dr. Sharman, 56, told the Observer Magazine that Aliens exist, there are no ifs and or buts. Here are many stars out there that there must be many types of life.

She says they might resemble humans, made up of carbon and nitrogen. or maybe not. It’s possible they’re here this moment and we basically can’t see them.

She mentioned to the magazine what it resembled being the first lady in A-level science classes and how she has never enabled herself to be differentiated by her gender. Some consider her the “First British lady in space”, despite the fact that she was the first British individual in space, period.

Dr. Sharman feels that “a few people have forgotten her” when British space traveler Tim Peake followed her in 2015.

In 2013, the UK Space Agency portrayed Mr. Peake as the UK’s first official astronaut.

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