Wonky the Unicorn Rabbit is Winning Hearts Over the Internet

Wonky the Unicorn Rabbit is Winning Hearts Over the Internet

Wonky, a charming little rabbit is taking over the Internet. It’s the bizarre physical characteristic of the furry cutie which has won him the title of ‘unicorn’ bunny. Turns out, one of his ears is set in the center of his head as opposed to on the side.

This lovable animal became known when RSPCA’s Milton Keynes and N. Bucks Branch, an animal charity, shared on Facebook about Wonky.

The organization described Wonky as a white lop-eared bunny. He has the most charming wonky ear which falls directly over his face when he greets you and at often sticks straight from the center of his head which makes him resemble a unicorn!!

Further including, the organization described that he is 4-year-old and is up for adoption. Alongside the post, they also shared an adorable image of Wonky.

Posted on December 4, the post soon caught the attention and the queries began popping. Finally, in a post shared recently, the organization informed that the adorable bunny is reserved and will soon go to his forever home.

Jessica Blair

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