Do I need a Windows Hosting?

cheap windows hosting

A VPS windows hosting is a way to partition a physical server so that each partition works autonomously and with its resources. Thus, the different users will have root access and will be able to use the allocated resources (for example,RAM, SSD Storage, etc.) as they wish.

Does Cheap VPS Windows Hosting Worth It?

Cheap Windows VPS has better performance than shared hosting. The price of cheap Windows VPS will vary according to the plans offered by the company you choose, but it will always be below the servers for exclusive use.

There are different ways to get cheap Windows VPS. You can make an online comparison between the different companies that offer cheap VPS servers, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that a VPS does not offer a single price; there are variations according to the specifications and resources you can use from the server. So, if your company is taking off and you still don’t have the resources to support a dedicated server, it is better to opt for the cheap VPS option.

In the following section, we are going to let you know the advantage and disadvantages of Windows hosting so you know whether you need Windows VPS or Linux VPS Hosting.

Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

  • For those who do not have much knowledge about computers, updating the programs is simple. Windows provides simple tools with which this process can be performed.
  • With VPS Windows, you have the option to customize how the operating system works. I mean, you can allow it to perform functions automatically or manually, depending on the confidence you have in the machines. This condition is very useful for people or companies that handle a lot of information and especially traffic.Other advantages are the enhanced security of information and data.
  • When you have these hosting services, you have all the security guarantees, all because you can choose the levels of protection you need.
  • One of the characteristics of Windows VPS servers is that they offer a friendly and easy-to-use graphical interface.It is the ideal VPS Hosting if you are starting to immerse yourself in the computer world, especially if you are familiar with Windows products. Therefore, a Windows VPS server is a great option to start in the world of web hosting
  • Windows hosting solutions include programs with ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, among others.These types of programs allow you to create professional websites and you can also customize your online platform if you have Microsoft software.
  • Windows VPS server provides its users with a tool called “Remote Desktop Access.”This option allows you to have control over your web hosting and perform administration tasks from anywhere.

Disadvantages of Windows VPS Server

  • The Linux operating system is open source or free software, which means that it is a platform open to the community and free, unlike Windows. It means that to use the Windows platform, you will have to pay for the installation and use of its programs, applications, and especially, the licenses.For this reason, Windows hosting solutions have a higher cost. When you use the Windows operating system, it demands a series of tools and programs that require other use licenses.
  • Installing Windows on a VPS server demands a lot of capacity. Many of the VPS resources are compromised since it is a system that requires many tools and elements you need to execute.
  • You must always check for the updates and licenses you are using. If not, you would have many problems regarding the operation of the server. When licenses are missing, certain functions are blocked and you could not perform optimally.

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