Mum Asks Friends to Fund £27k Wedding as its Impossible to Save

Mum Asks Friends to Fund £27k Wedding as its Impossible to Save

A few people go hard and fast when they get married, having the ceremony in an extravagant way, requesting custom dresses, a beautiful cake, and whatnot.

However, not every person has the cash to do that, so others need to keep things basic and modest.

One bride-to-be has confessed to coming up short on the assets required for her “fantasy” wedding at Disney World – however, she’s not set up to let that prevent her from having it.

Rather the anonymous lady has chosen to request that her buddies give £27,000 ($35,000) to pay for her big day. Setting up a donation page for the event, the lady from the US clarified that she’s thinking that its “impossible” to set aside cash.

She revealed that her husband and she would especially love to have their fantasy wedding at Florida Walt Disney World Resort.

She said “However between bills and our children we just don’t have enough money saved up, it’s close to impossible it seems like to save back money when you have children. Seven to be exact.”

The mum at that point admitted she’d connected with Disney to check whether they would help with the expenses – however she’s yet to hear over from them.

Obviously, people weren’t about her situation – and many didn’t trust her story.

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