Dad Leaves Daughter Instructions to Feed Fox While He’s on Holiday

Dad Leaves Daughter Instructions to Feed Fox While He’s on Holiday

A father who has been feeding a wild fox lavish dinners when it visits his garden every night left his little girl an instruction note for the day while he was away.

Amy MacMillan was given guidelines while she was left in the family home, however, was amazed to see that her duties included fixing supper for a visitor.

The well-fed fox has been visiting the family home for a while, where Amy’s father treats the hairy friend two courses in the front garden, as revealed by the Daily Record.

To ensure the fox wouldn’t be left disappointed, he taught his girl to proceed with the night food, which includes serving supper at 6 pm, before putting out dinner at 10 pm.

He also stuck a sign composed on an A4 paper to the wall with an arrow, reminding her to feed the fox and showing her where he likes to eat its meal.

Then, the father proceeds to give directions to his daughter the best way to lock up the house.

Jessica Blair

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