Cute Cat Divides Internet as People Wonder if She Looks Like Dobby or Yoda

Cute Cat Divides Internet as People Wonder if She Looks Like Dobby or Yoda

Referred to just as Yoda cat, the charming kitty has turned into a web sensation via social networking sites after a woman shares a few sweet photographs of her.

Veterinary Assistant, Jana Aviles from North Carolina met the cat at work and right away got stricken with her and there’s a valid reason why. Rather than being over her head, the cat’s ears appear to stand out to the side, which is the reason she’s gotten known as Yoda cat.

Anyway, a few people really wanted to see that she additionally looks similar to another movie character – Dobby the house-elf from Harry Potter.

Jana revealed that she met this little cutie while working at the vet recently. She was gotten by a rescue after she was found as an injured stray.

More than 4,000 individuals shared the post to more than 3,000 comments, with numerous individuals divided about whether she looked more like Dobby or Yoda.

A comment referenced Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, saying: “This cutie should be given a sock.”

Jana later shared an update revealing that the response to the cat had been overpowering.

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