Mum Shaves the Word ‘Elf’ Into Son’s Hair And Blames it on Elf

Mum Shaves the Word ‘Elf’ Into Son’s Hair And Blames it on Elf

Parents may get somewhat a little desperate to dream up new mischief for Elf on the Shelf to wind up in, there’s a line. Mum-of-three Amanda Johns from Swansea has used Elf on the Shelf to keep her little girl Tegan engaged and respectful for a long time.

Every morning when it returns it stows away in an alternate spot in the house and is frequently discovered getting up to no good. Needing to take the game to the next level, Amanda asked her 16-year-old child Iestyn to skip his weekly visit to the barbershop to be a part of the prank.

Amanda then shaved the letters ‘elf’ into the back of his hair as he faked being sleeping before cleaning her fingerprints off the scissors and placing them in the gloves of the elf for Tegan to find in the morning.

It left the seven-year-old stunned, and it’s not the first time through great game Iestyn has to participate to keep his younger sibling excited to the countdown to Christmas.

Amanda, 39, once gave the ‘best older sibling’ a full make-over including lipstick, fake eyelashes, hair bands, and drawn-on abs before leaving the blame to the elf.

Jessica Blair

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