Narwhal the ‘Unicorn Puppy’ Has Found His Forever Home

Narwhal the ‘Unicorn Puppy’ Has Found His Forever Home

Narwhal the ‘unicorn puppy’ took the hearts of thousands of individuals over the globe after rescue organization Mac’s Mission discovered him on a freezing road being cared for by an older dog.

The Missouri-based center which ‘specializes in special’ took Narwhal to the vet, who found the tail was not associated with anything and wasn’t causing the delightful doggy any harm.

The story turned out to be huge news, and the exposure prompted his rescuers being immersed with several applications for selection. Among the overflowing of affection, there were likewise some disrupting signs for the middle, which became stressed that he could be misused as prospective owners made ‘giant’ offers of money to take the little dog.

Narwhal the Little Magical Unicorn has discovered his eternity home with Mac’s Mission founder Rochelle Steffen and will assist the center’s work to care for puppies who have been abused, harmed or have birth defects.

Narwhal fans also had a major influence in the decision, with 17,836 messages sent to the center requesting that they keep him so they can watch him grow.

Rochelle clarified that the long haul plan is to prepare him as a therapy puppy, so he can spread his magic and help people in places like schools and nursing homes.

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