McDonald’s Trick to Eat Full Meal With One Hand Divides Fans

McDonald’s Trick to Eat Full Meal With One Hand Divides Fans

McDonald’s fans are continually searching for the following ways to make more on their preferred fast food experience.

From using a self-help screen to get a free burger to requesting things from the incredible menu, clients are continually hoping to pack the most value for their money.

This time, Ronald has the bounce on his fans as McDonald’s itself was the first to share a hack using the containers the meals come bundled in – however not every person was lovin’ it.

The fast-food tie took to Instagram to present a guide on the hack, with the inscription: “Fancy a one-handed meal?

“Basically unfurl your burger box to make a fries plate, at that point perch it on your soft drink. Simple as.”

The picture shows the burger put away opened, straddling the beverage with the straw getting through the center, putting the burger on one side and the fries emptied into the other.

Others rushed to call attention to an apparent defect in the hack, which appears to very calculated eating of the burger and chips to keep the case perfectly adjusted.

So there you go. Presently you can eat a Big Mac meal with hand, giving you a free hand for nuggets. Or then again you watch your McDonald’s fall to the ground. In any case.

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