Cafe Introduces Full English Breakfast Challenge in Kent

Cafe Introduces Full English Breakfast Challenge in Kent

Called Man V Food, the challenge in Kent is a giant fry up contained 26 pieces of food, including bacon, hotdogs, eggs, dark pudding, fried bread, mushrooms and a bowl of chips.

Furthermore, as per its maker, Andy Burnett, the owner of the bistro, it could possibly be the “greatest and best” breakfast challenge in Kent.

He proceeds to state that the giant plate is propelled by his affection for eating challenges. After a lot of thought, Andy thought of a definitive Full English – a blend of pork, potato, and oil that will undoubtedly defeat a large number of the individuals who endeavor to complete it.

The entire thing is included six cuts of bacon, six hotdogs, four cuts of dark pudding, two cuts of fried bread, four cuts of toast, four slices of bread and butter, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a bowl of chips.

When assembling the breakfast of this intensity, Andy discloses attention was everything, directly down to the tiniest factor, for example, the plates.

The challenge will commence in the bistro on Saturday, November 30 and might be accessible one day a week.

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