Dad Creates a Special ‘Surf-and-Turf’ Breakfast For His Children

Dad Creates a Special ‘Surf-and-Turf’ Breakfast For His Children

An Australian chef and TV presenter Pete Evans posted a photograph of the morning meal he served up to his two young little girls this week and it’s on a whole other level.

His ‘surf and turf’ creation comprises of eggs bested with caviar, cut up grass-fed wagyu hotdogs with spicy sauce and a side of sauerkraut.

The culinary specialist included that they also get little fruit, coconut yogurt and chicken stock most days before taking off for the afternoon. Usually some type of animal fat and protein as land or water-based animals including eggs.

After posting an image of the morning meal on Instagram, it left a significant number of his fans licking their lips.

“It would taste like heaven,” said one.

A second commented: “I wish my breakfast resembled this!”

Another stated: “Looks stunning! What do their friends think of breakfast when they have a sleepover??”

After seeing his creation marked ‘silly’ on the web, Pete made a follow-up post to state: “Well there you go. Some may call this silly…”

Jessica Blair

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