UFO Left Strange Markings During Encounter with Fisherman

UFO Left Strange Markings During Encounter with Fisherman

Never seen photographs have uncovered unusual markings and burned grass in a field which fishermen guarantee was from a frightening close experience with a UFO.

On October 1, 1995, fishermen Fernando Beserra and Wilson da Silva Oliveira state they were collecting their nets on an island called Ilha do Major, in São Paulo, Brazil, when they saw a plate formed UFO which was throwing a brilliant yellow light flying overhead.

The pair felt that it was an inflatable from the start, however when the object drew nearer at the speed they were persuaded it was a UFO. Scared by the exceptional light, the pair hopped in their boat and fled as the strange UFO landed only a couple of meters away.

Photographs of the result of the supposed experience have now risen – which show spaces in the dirt and grass leveled in a circular formation.

One of the fishermen even drew the UFO – in spite of the fact that it looks rather simplistic. After the scare, Fernando and Wilson state they returned back home to tell their family members yet couldn’t sleep regardless of taking a gentle drug to help out them quiet down.

At daybreak the following day, they guarantee they came back to the scene and saw a round imprint 5.5m in distance across in the spot they, however, the shuttle had landed, where vegetation was dry, turned and flattened a clockwise direction.

Specialists from the National Institute of Aerospace Phenomenab (INFA) quickly completed a test and took molds of the landing marks in plaster. Soil and vegetation tests were additionally taken as the agents at INFA actually investigated every possibility in their examination.

It turned out to be obvious to the scientists that the imprints were not from regular helicopters or aircraft.

The Santos Military Air Base expressed that it had no airplane in the region at the time.

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