Woman Thought Her Boyfriend to be Dead – Then She Saw Him at a Restaurant

Woman Thought Her Boyfriend to be Dead - Then She Saw Him at a Restaurant

A lady was told that her ex was dead, she mourned and just moved on and a few years later, she saw him alive and working in a local eatery.


This totally extraordinary situation is one that an Australian lady referred to just as Rachel is said to have wound up in. The young lady as of late opened up to ABC.net.au about the peculiar circumstance she encountered with her previous flame.

The relationship appeared as though some other high school sentiment and she portrayed him as being “extremely pleasant”. Anyway, things took somewhat of a turn when her beau, who can’t be named for lawful reasons, lost his activity and solicited to acquire hundreds from pounds from her to live on.

He paid a portion of the cashback, yet when they separated a couple of months after the fact, she guarantees he would not pay the rest and quit answering to her messages. Things got more peculiar when his friends educated her that furniture had begun disappearing from his houseshare.

She wasn’t totally shocked by this, however before she had the opportunity to research, her ex’s mum informed her to state her child had died. Rachel mourned the misfortune “in her own manner” and in the long run proceeded onward.

At that point two years after the fact, the entire story unwound. While back in her old neighborhood with a companion, she halted by an eatery where she was shocked to find her ex, especially alive and working there.

In any case, before she could go up against him about everything, Rachel was approached to leave the café. Uncertain of the best strategy, she chose to converse with the police. Later that equivalent night, her ex’s mom got in contact, this opportunity to gripe that Rachel had caused a scene at the eatery and her son got fired.

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