Mum Transforms Her Worn Out Leather Sofa into a Brand New One

Mum Transforms Her Worn Out Leather Sofa into a Brand New One

Leather couches can start to look very dismal following quite a while of utilization as the cracks actually begin to show up. One mum’s hack to bring back life over into hers has been hailed as ‘brilliant’ with others taking motivation from her £20 hack.

A post on the Extreme Budget DIY and Life Hacks Facebook group reads that a little while ago she gathered the courage to paint her couch. She’s so happy she did it, it resembles another couch for under £20. Concealed all scratches from her cat and it feels stunning!

She clarifies that she altogether cleaned the couch with sugar cleanser in advance, let it dry and afterward applied two thin layers of paint with a little roller and utilized a brush for the unbalanced areas.

With a number of individuals from the group quick to attempt a similar stunt, the mum uncovered the magic item was from Frenchic Furniture Paint’s The Lazy Range, with a wide scope of colors to browse.

The poster added that she had the option to sit on the couch around four hours after the fact as it dries rapidly, however, suggested leaving it for a day or two to truly allow the color to settle down.

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