Mum Gives Toddler Her Phone and £350 Amazon Sofa Turns Up at House

Mum Gives Toddler Her Phone and £350 Amazon Sofa Turns Up at House

As to find interior design to rebuild your home, a two-year-old most likely wouldn’t be the first individual you went to. In any case, that is the thing that one mum was left looking after her little girl unintentionally requested a £350 three-piece couch from Amazon.

Mum-of-two Isabella McNeil had been in the market for another love seat and perused through choices on her telephone when her two-year-old, Rayna, stated: “Mama, Phone…Mama, Phone”

Isabella gave it over and thought nothing a greater amount of it until a couple of days after the fact when she got a notice letting her know that a couch was en route.

Stunned, the mum previously thought she had purchased the furniture in her rest before recollecting that she had given her oldest little girl the smartphone and access to the open Amazon application.

Freezing, Isabella immediately started attempting to make sense of how to drop the request – however it was past the point of no return. Fortunately, Amazon sympathetically offered her a full discount and even gave her the choice of keeping the couch or giving it away.

They additionally told her about the 1-click feature that had been deactivated for her.

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