Parents Organize ‘Terrifying’ Alien-themed Photoshoot for Son’s Birthday

Parents Organize ‘Terrifying’ Alien-themed Photoshoot for Son’s Birthday

A couple whose maternity photoshoot was named the ‘most terrifying ever’ have attempted to top it in front of their child’s first birthday celebration. Todd and Nicole Cameron’s maternity snaps became a web sensation a year back when they reproduced the unbelievable ‘chestburster’ scene from Alien in a pumpkin fix.

It was finished with fake blood and a little model of the ‘chestburster’ character that has frightened film crowds for a long time.

They have now denoted the baby’s ‘first birthday celebration’ with a fabulous shoot highlighting the alien, or Xenomorph, and their child, who was named Jack Robert James Cameron in a yes to the director.

For the birthday shoot, picture taker Li Carter’s snaps show Todd in a white suit with a head protector and Nicole in a jumpsuit. Child Jack and Todd’s little girl Raven, 19, wore outfits with copies of the patches worn by the film’s the United States Cargo Star Ship (USCSS) Nostromo crew.

The photographs posted on Todd’s Facebook page delineate an alien, or Xenomorph, rising up out of a green pod before Todd and Jack.

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